Flag Rules

Flag rules objective :

this is a developmental program with the intent of introducing kids to the field: 40 yds x 20 yds. Red markers are placed at the goals and mid field. Yellow markers are placed at both 5 and 15 yard lines with of field is from outside field line to goal post equipment : mouth pieces are mandatory and a soft cup is recommended. Flags are tobe a 2 flag belt with velcro attachment that are supplied by the league. All personal (aprox 12″) the football used is a k2 for 2 cheerleader performances. There is a (10 min ) break between the 2 games to allow

Teams to move to their 2nd game location and preformances for 2 more cheerleader
Squads. Do not cross in front of the cheerleaders between games if they are preforming.
Team: each team will consist of 8 players. All players must be registered with the
League and be younger than pee wee league age.
Game: although we are not keeping score the object of the game is to get the ball in
The end zone. Play will start on the 5 yard line on the far end of the field. The team is
Allowed 4 attempts to cross midfield mark and get a first down, then you are allowed
4 more attempts to get into the end zone. Should the attempts not be successful the
Other team takes the ball starting at the far 5 yard line. The league will supply 1
Referee per game.

Rules :

  1. all defensive players must start 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, except
    When the offence is inside the 5 yard zone of the midfield of end zone, then rushers
    Can start 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage.
  2. there is no blocking, arms are to bedown at the side or in front of the body.
    fumble is a dead ball at the spot is the
  3. Fumble and a loss of down except when a fumble occur during a snap from the
    Center to the quarterback under center it may be picked up and play may continue.
  4. if a flag falls off on its own play will continue until defender is close enough to

The player that the official can call the runner down


Offence: holding , blocking pushing, tripping and flag guarding : loss of down

Defense: tripping, tackling, pushing or holding: 5 yards from the line of scrimmage
Version 070822

Concept of organized team sports and football fundamentals. No score will be kept
At the game field.

Up right leaving the with of the goal post as the space between the front and back fields.
Team flags must be approved by the league prior to the game. Flags worn are to be
A contrasting color from the uniform so they are easily seen. Flag length will be
Cut to league length.
Time: 1 game per meeting. Each game will consist of 2 (20 min ) halfs and a ( 10 min ) halftime